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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day #4 in KMK and Kraw Lor Blur

Update from both villages this time…..

So far all is going well (other than the few sick from the waipukurau)
On the school building site, progress is really sailing ahead, with the start
of concrete already down, and the framework almost up. We are ahead
of schedule , especially with a lot of the villagers helping out each day. 

The children's program we are running is such a hit in Kraw Lor Blur, the
kids love us! We are building such an amazing relationship with the kids
as young as 2 years old. The face paint was a real success ! 
Tomorrow we are doing more concreting and the villagers are bringing us
things to buy that they made. Should be fun ! 

Note from Krey Mo Kee:
Tonight the Waiapuk team paid us a visit in Krey Mo Kee.
We made a team dinner for the ITDP staff and our 19 - baked potatoes and
bananas in the fire, chicken kebabs, pancakes and marshmallows over the grill!
Great to meet up and pray together.
2 days of work ahead and then we will go to Kraw Lor Blur on Sunday for worship
and a cultural lunch together.
Until next time!
Pipes added into the toilet 

Plastering the water tanks
Pancake time! :)

David's little understudy!

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